My name is
Attila Keller
I am the owner of Keller Lakastextil. The company is established in 1991. I employ four parson. Wholesale trade of ...... fabrics. We import a large part od our fabrics from Belgium, Turkey, Germany and Poland.
We trade only with first class products. We have just inland traffic. We have customers all over the country. We own two trucks for transportation. The ordered fabrics are delivered one a week.
Our cutomers are furniture dealers, shopkeepers and community orderers. With most of our partners we work together since the begining. We offer a wide assortment of textiles. We sell fabrics directly from stock. Besides that purchase of goods in large a
mmounts, therfore we can sale exelent fabrics on a favorable terms.

For us it is very important to have satisfied customers. Our staff helps to match the fabrics with colors and style of the furniture with the customer's requirements.